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Drools Absolute Vitamin Tablet

Enriched with vitamins and minerals which supports growth and maintains a healthy body.

These highly palatable semi-moist kibbles promote joint health and help to keep your dog active.

Essential ingredients blended with other nutrients help in speedy recovery from diseases.

Administration of this dog supplement is easy hence pet parents of fussy eaters feel relaxed healthy Body


  • Brand : Drools
  • Product Code : Vitamin Tablet
  • SKU : CT50
  • Availability : 24

Drools Absolute Vitamin Tablet

Product Description:

Dogs of all breeds experiencing vitamin insufficiency. Drools Absolute Vitamin Dog Supplement fulfills the deficiency of vitamins and minerals in your dog. It supports growth and development while increasing the speed of recovery from diseases.


Supports Growth

Maintains Healthy Body Condition

Speedy Recovery from Diseases


Calcium: min 2.5%, max 3.5% | Chloride: 0.8%

Phosphorus: 2.5% | Salt: min 1.3%, max 1.6% Magnesium: 0.15% | Potassium: 0.6% 

Iron: 3.0mg | Copper: 0.1mg | Zinc: 1.4mg

Manganese: 0.25mg | Vitamin A: 1,600 IU Vitamin D3: 180 IU | Vitamin E: 20 IU Thiamine: 0.24 mg | Riboflavin: 0.65mg D-Pantothenic Acid: 0.68mg | Niacin: 3.4mg Vitamin B6: 0.24mg| Folic Acid: 0.10mg Vitamin B12: 8.0mcg | Choline: 40.0mg

Storage Information:

Store in a cool and dry place away from heat and direct sunlight. Not for medical use or human consumption.

Feeding Recommendation:

Up to 20 Kg body weight: 1 -2 Tablets

More than 20 Kg body weight: 2-4 Tablets or as recommended by the veterinarian.

Note: A veterinarian may change the dosage depending on the dog's health.