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About Us

We are “Nuts4Pets”, it’s not just a name we really are crazy for these little furballs. We are a group of family and friends who have one thing in common i.e. passion for pets and their care. Being a pet owner, ourselves makes us understand the ground reality of pet parent or challenges being faced by them currently due to a lot of factors. Let’s accept this fact having a pet can be very overwhelming for new parents or anyone that where we want to pitch in and make this journey of you & your pet even more amazing and hassles less.

Reason or Motivation

When we got out second pet “Simba- The Siberian Husky”, we were looking at all the ways to make his life comfier and healthier. After regular web crawling, research & analysis we came to an understanding that Indian Pet market is still under development and a lot of things are not easily available or not have a trusted source. With an increased amount of fraud in the pet food industry due to these mediators and other factors we decided to talk to Brand Manufactures directly and asked them to provide genuine food for our pets. We get food directly from Brand Manufacture’s designated Indian distributors with no middle man to alter anything. So, the first thing we made sure on Nuts4Pets that every product we sell should be 100% genuine and authentic.




PHASE 1: We at Nuts4Pets, believe we can bring everything to Indian markets which are required for our pets and give them the best of our love & care. Right now, there are several products which are required by our pets but not available in our markets due to several factors. Moving forward we want to make those products available in Indian markets for our users. We already have all the premium brands like Orijen, Acana, Taste of the Wild, Farmina, Arden Grange, Royal Canin etc and we are increasing our inventory every month.


PHASE 2: In the next phase, we have several things planned for taking health care of our pets, we have decided to bring to our pets which is not yet available in the Indian Pet market. It will be a surprise for our users, they have to wait till the launch of our next phase. After phase 2 we have several other phases planned which depends on our passion for pets and love n care we want to give them and we hope with the support of our users and our common passion for pets will help us succeed in our Goal.


Current Offerings:

Premium Pet food for dogs n cats, soon we will be adding food for birds and other small pets.

Premium grooming products for our pets will be updating our inventory with new authentic brands every month.

Premium Treats for out beloved doggies and meows.