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What My Dog Can’t Eat? 10 Human Foods Harmful to Dogs

Many of us like to share our favorites food with our canine pals. But it's important to know that dogs and people have a different digesting system and need different types of food to be happy and healthy. This can mean that some human foods that are safe for people can be harmful or even dangerous for dogs.<...

Top 5 Dog Food Ingredients For Healthy dogs

Food in its essential structure implies energy. Food energy is mostly present in the form of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. To improve wellbeing and prosperity with nourishment, we need to understand the function of major components of nutrition: water, protein, fats, carbohydrates, and vitamins and minerals.


Dry vs Wet Dog Food | Which is Good for Your Dog?

Selecting dog food can be a genuinely complicated endeavor. While the variety of products should offer something for every canine's taste, the purchaser is spoilt for decision: which food is the correct one? Is dry food better than wet food or the other way around? It will rely upon your specific dog and their health and nutrition requirements, and furthermore the advantages and disadvantages of these different food types.




How to Understand Pet food Labels Correctly

A balanced diet is important for pets as for peoples, understanding the Pet food labels can help you select the right food for your pet.

What is a pet food label?

A pet food label is full of information to help shoppers make an informed decision about their dog or cat’s food. In addition, because the pet food label is closely regulated, this information is reviewed by state government officials such as staff at a state department of agriculture. This review helps states ensure pet food is safe and labeled properly.<...